If you are a woman and you want to groom yourself in the best way then you can take help of applications too. Yes, there are amazing applications out there in android that would add up a great quality of life in your routine.

It is needless to say that technology hasn’t always been women-friendly – but a fresh wave of apps is changing that. Right from contraception to workouts, following are a few wonderful applications that would be beneficial for you.


Even if you are fortunate enough not to get emotionally weakened by the hormonal surges of the contraceptive pill, you still need to contend with the waves of anxiety that come with forgetting to pop it. You can definitely set alarms in your normal phone but that might not be too effective and can become embarrassing too. But MyPill not just fires off silent reminders, it constantly show notifications after you might have dismissed them. The virtual packet permits you to mark off the pills you have already consumed, meaning you can check if you really did take “Wednesday” or simply imagined it. Certainly many a times you get confused if you really had the pills or you are just assuming. Here this MyPill app would come handy for you.

Workout for Women

Various women felt more angry than usual the previous year. If you are one of such women then you must go for theapp called Workout for Women. It caters a blend of cardio and body-weight exercises, coupled with the added benefit that you can even hide away at home as you puff via your press-ups. Once there is an application that helps you in finding out what you should do and when; you feel more engaged and stay fit. Once you do physical workouts, you stay less stressful and anger also deteriorates simultaneously. And of course, the motivation that you get from an application is always matchless.

Hormone Horoscope

Do you really make use of horoscopes for hints on which person to snog and when? Does the period you get dictate when your next tantrum is lined up?You know what this is an app that tracks where you are in the menstrual cycle and caters information and advice based on the hormone levels of your body.


If your period does takeyou by surprise every month then you need this app. Despite many years of menstrual bleeding, you might be one of those who had no idea when yours was due. But the period-tracking app Clue can changed your life. Over the course of a couple of months, it gets to recognize your cycle – you input the dates you are bleeding – and forecasts when your next period is due. It easily can track your energy level, skin, appetite, digestion – and it can also inform you when you are most fertile.


Thus, you can go for 9apps free download and once you have this third party play store, you can get all these women applications free of cost along with many other applications. It is time that you take help of apps to make the most of your routine.

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