Maintenance schedules are very important for generators. Most standby generators require bi-annual or annual maintenance so that they can work effectively. Generally, people overestimate the management of generator parts and ignore diesel fuel management.

In addition, most people check whether the generator’s fuel tank is full. But they do not understand that fuel has its own life. Unfortunately, no one understands that fuel management is as important as component management.

A standby generator device is used for critical safety systems, for example, fire protection systems, tall buildings, medical and life support equipment or standby lighting.

It is also used for residential, security systems, providing backup electric power to HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and household appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and refrigerators.

Let’s Know more about Diesel Fuel Management

Maintaining generators are commonly a critical component. Every machine needs maintenance to increase the machine life cycle. Most generators require simple visual monthly inspections. Others require specific steps to maintain every two years. And some generators need maintenance in the bi-annual to annual range.

Diesel fuel maintenance is not given much attention and it is not a part of a maintenance program because generators may receive required maintenance themselves. It is hard to maintain and monitor the integrity of the fuel, especially when the diesel fuel stored in tank long-term.

When the diesel fuel life cycle creates the problems. It can’t be understood easily. So, it left to the expert to manage the underlying problem. The professional has to fix and mitigate the risks.

A simple and unique mistake is using a low grade of diesel or without testing the quality and condition of the fuel. It can cause your generator with numerous failures. And there is one more mentality that after purchasing the stocks of fuel, it is just left for when it’s needed. This type of negligence can cost businesses money, in terms of lost productivity and unreliability can do serious damage to a firm’s reputation.

Let’s read about the importance of diesel management for standby generators.

Why it is important for standby generators?

Diesel management is necessary for all kinds of generators because it can help to increase the life of a generator. If the fuel management is done properly then the generator can give a better backup result.

Bad fuel can affect the efficiency of the generator and also doesn’t provide a better result. Cleaner diesel fuel can help to maintain the integrity of the machine. The quality of diesel fuel can help in determining whether the generator is reliable or not.

Reasons behind the contamination of diesel fuel?

Basically, fuel should only be stored for 6 to 12 months. In the best of circumstances, it may be possible to maintain it a little longer. To increase this length, the fuel must be clean, to begin with, kept cool at approximately 70 ° F, maintained properly, and treated continuously with stabilizers and biocides.

When this does not happen, hydrolysis, microbial growth, and oxidation can occur, which damages the quality of the fuel. For example, when diesel comes in contact with water, it causes fuel breakdown. This includes condensation accumulation of water droplets hitting the fuel surface from the tank roof. Microbial growth creates acids that can degrade fuel and stop the flow of liquids as the tank clogs which will soon leave you in search of a new engine.

Importance of Diesel Fuel Cleaning

In the past years, diesel fuel had an unusually long shelf life, but new EPA regulated diesel fuel has changed those conditions. It could be cleaner on the CO2 output but the unintended result was that we now have fuel that has many additives that can’t fit with engines. This is required much more management and monitoring than ever before, the reason is that it is more susceptible to bacterial growth and sludge build-up.

All the diesel fuel gets spoiled over time if it stored longer inside of a storage tank. When you run the diesel power generator with the dirty diesel fuel, it can harm your generator’s engine, the result of it can be sludge build-up, clogged filters, and numerous other problems. The sludge build-up and clogged filters inside a generator can cause the functionality of the generator.

The overall condition of diesel fuel can easily be traced from the fuel tanks of a diesel-powered generator that should be focused on and certainly not ignored. Diesel fuel is an organic material that naturally degrades over time. You can not ignore this process, at some points water typically finds away in either during fuel delivery or concentration and that is what starts the bacterial growth.


In this blog, we describe diesel fuel management for standby generators. Diesel fuel management is an important process for generators. Just as the generator needs maintenance, maintenance of diesel fuel is also necessary.If you want more details related to Diesel fuel maintenance, you can contact our EO Energy Service.

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